Innovative features on soft materials
21 June 2017

Let's pack the candy !

The packaging of candy, chocolate or other sweets are more attractive. they need to evoke the consumer want to buy, what better way to draw the eye by both flashy and as transparent packages, which thus leave see gluttony. How to combine both the metal foil colorful [...]
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14 June 2017

The 3 best solutions to replace aluminum foil

The aluminum foil is used for decades in food packaging. There are several reasons for this success. First of all, aluminum gives the flexible packaging of the barriers very important properties. Resistance to water vapour (WVTR) or resistance to oxygen (OTR), values are the best that can be [...]
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26 April 2017

The history of Tircel® for more than 40 years !

More than 40 years will remember that when they ate a single serving of cheese (type the cow that laughs®), it was difficult not to have "full fingers." This assumption is born the idea to make an easy opening system of the portions of melted cheese, as well as other packaging [...]
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12 April 2017

The transparent barriers

Plastic films for food packaging are often covered with one or several layers barriers to oxygen and/or steam, depending on the packaged food. Apart from the very well-known films such as metallized vacuum aluminum or complex at base of aluminum sheets, packaging can consist of movies [...]
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4 January 2017

Why are the barrier functions of packaging so important?

The plastic films or laminates for food packaging is one of the first applications of barrier films to the gas and water vapor. The barriers of food plastic packaging properties indeed ensure maintaining the taste of food while offering protection against external contamination. Flexible media (plastic film, sheet [...]

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29 November 2016

Is replacement of the aluminum foil unavoidable?

The demand for replacement of foil in the packaging industry is a recurring topic. This material, the second busiest after iron, is perceived to have a footprint high, and several brands wish to find an alternative solution. This article will try to shed light on the technical specifications of [...]

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10 November 2016

The chemical principles of sealability

Chemistry or Alchemy of packaging: why the film sticks to the support? Nowadays, in food packaging we find all types of media and opercula. There is a tray containing the food to be packaged and its operculum to close the packaging. Figure 1 - Examples of packaging plastics the specifications for [...]

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2 November 2016

How to get the best tray/film combination

The secrets of couples (movies and trays) that last as explained in the post 1, food packaging play an important role in the protection of food against attacks from the outside world (germs...). So it protects the food throughout the process of the flow between the product grown high up to the consumer's plate. He [...]

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