Innovative features on soft materials
8 March 2017

Film, fabric or complex flame retardant : The choice of security

In fire safety, the "reaction to fire" and "resistance to fire" are two different things. They are codified in national and European in a very restricted way. The reaction to fire is the representation of a material as a food of fire (combustibility, flammability), defined by the Decree of November 21, 2002. Resistance to fire [...]

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1 March 2017

What is emissivity?

All object or earthly body emits energy by radiation. We can quote (for example in house): the walls, the furniture, residents, pets... etc... This energy is emitted in the form of very large wavelengths (infrared). This ability to emit radiation is called emissivity. An object has a [...]

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22 February 2017

An insulation up to 20 times more efficient !

(PIV) vacuum insulation panels are ultra-thin and high-performance insulators that can be up to 20 times more effective than traditional insulation products. The PIV allow optimal efficiency while preserving the useful volume of appliances, temperature controlled packaging or refrigerated transport systems. An insulation Board [...]

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