Innovative features on soft materials
7 June 2017

How to avoid static problems in pastic film lamination

Filming is the action that is to stick a film of plastic on the cardboard/paper, in order to give a better visual appearance, and/or protect the inks. At this stage there is a friction between the cardboard/paper and film that can generate static electricity. I will not go into the detail [...]
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3 May 2017

A reflection on mirror effect !

In many applications of everyday life, the mirror appearance is sought: the packaging in order to draw the eye and trigger the deed of sale, perfumes or liquor manufacturers noted much better returns on sale with this aspect. A particular application is also the light tight mirror which allows to get [...]
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22 March 2017

Eco-packaging in the luxury industry for dummies

Under this title a little provocative ', and I'm sorry (but you have not read it otherwise), here's a little condensed main concepts to understand the terms used when it comes to ecoemballage. We will talk in this article that the luxury industry, however the above recommendations also work with food packaging. [...]
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15 March 2017

Three solutions to reduce the environmental impact of packaging

One of the major trends in luxury brands is to offer their products with better eco-designed packaging. Large luxury homes insist on this point in their annual report, thus taking into account environmental is at the heart of their strategic thinking. They expect their suppliers make them force [...]
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16 November 2016

Be aware of your (surface) tension!

Watch your (surface) tension! What is one of the common points between a collage and printing? The importance of the surface tension of the support. Indeed, whether to print on media or glue one support against another, must glue or ink spread on [...]

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12 October 2016

The 3 parameters to control to promote the adhesion of inks on a support

The luxury market is constantly on the lookout for new technologies in order to attract the eyes of the customers. The printability of the support is very important since the brands do not hesitate to affix several motifs, colors, logos... to make the package more attractive. It is therefore important to know and master the physical phenomena and/or [...]

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6 October 2016

Improving the printability of lamination films

Techniques for improving the printability of films of filming in the packaging of luxury market, including perfumes and spirits, value added is so much on the product on the packaging that surrounds it. To seduce or impress consumers, brands are looking to attract the gaze of customers through brilliant boxes [...]

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20 September 2016

The advantage of digital printing in the field of luxury packaging.

Last part of the presentations of the printing techniques, we will speak today of digital printing. According to the group specializing in digital printing called Docngo, digital printing is "a process by which the document to print is copied directly on the support using procedures and suitable computer software". This technology allows a production much more [...]

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