Red seal and imprint "ISO 9001:2015" on white surface

The implementation of a certification can sometimes seem slow. Every change within an organization has to go through several procedures. Some discrepancies can appear between the everyday life of a company and the orientations of the management system. Nevertheless, the 2015 version of ISO 9001 is a real progress and offers decisive improvements more in adequacy with the company’s challenges.

It promotes an ethical and responsible management
First, quality is more than just a norm, it consists first in management principles, which inside the quality scope, relies on the customer orientation, motivation and commitment of the direction, process approach and continuous improvement. The implementation of each of these principles provide benefits for the company of course, but also for all stakeholders which are a part of the eco-system. The explanation of these principles allows to forget the previous standard 9001 and helps to get a better adhesion from managers.

Integrate the quality into the DNA of the company
This standard has from now a common structure name HLS (High Level Structure) with the other standards. This is particularly beneficial for the organization which implement an integrated approach to management systems. The main evolution will allow the companies to have a better evolution of their economic and social environment thanks to :
– The development of the listening of all stakeholders.
– An approach “risks and opportunities”
– An alignment of the quality policy on the company’s strategy.

The purpose of the ISO 9001 is to create confidence. Today, more than one million companies, based in 170 countries, are certified.
With the 2018 version in sight, it is on a sustainable way that we move forward.