Innovative features on soft materials
6 July 2017

The 3 essential steps for the realization of a gravure printing cylinder!

Requirements finesse of printing for markets such as luxury, agri-food and security involves a choice of different rasterized cylinders. Indeed, the size and depth of the alveoli, the burning technique,... are parameters that must be defined before realizing a gravure cylinder. Attention to detail, [...]
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24 May 2017

Avoid dangerous connections, hang on !

As mentioned in a previous post, paste or print media surface tension is a parameter that is indispensable to take into account during the coating process. Indeed, whether to print on media or glue one support against another, it should glue or printing ink [...]
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29 March 2017

Let's Laminate !

The lamination or lamination is the action of assembling two or more media between them. There are 3 important factors to take into account: the 'glue' used, pressure and temperature. TYPE of process there are different processes that here is a non-exhaustive list:-Dry lamination: dry lamination (lamination "[...]
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